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why cant i be attractive like everyone on tumblr

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I admire women who are effortlessly stylish, who laugh easily, who are genuinely kind, and who tell the truth about themselves.

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im a ugly nigga but sometimes im cute 

im like an on and off ugly nigga

im tired

are you ian connor

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Why or how are white people even in the equation, much less controlling a whole race of people? When the problem has nothing to do with them. What exactly are they controlling, slavery isn't a thing anymore, right?


lmao are you serious G? you must be white kus askin these questions idk how you could not be. you need to go back to that post & my comment says you can read the whole thing ‘here’, click here its gon take you to that letter & read it. or not dont really matter to me but i still dont understand how you so oblivious about whats goin on around here, but thats that privilege 

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“Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.”

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