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So if I say I hate black people that makes me racist? And if a black person says they hate white people that makes them not racist? Seems very 1 sided. I'm not racist at all. Just seems not right ?

this is a joke right G? i know you not serious, cant be serious



All I see on this site is boobs and women with better looking bodies and it makes me wonder if their are women who actually look like that, and if so tell me how. 

It’s A Popularity Thing. Niggaz Claim That They Love A Woman’s Body But Don’t Know Nothin About It And They Don’t Know How To Handle A Different Body Type That’s Different From What They Are Interested In.



Since everyone is shedding light on Sam Pepper for all of his sexual harassment towards women in his videos, I think we need to visit a topic that has never really been fully brought to everyone’s attention. Which is Shane Dawson.

Aside from his obvious blackface:




He’s also made jokes about self-harming and suicide.


Shane Dawson is literal the kingpin of white racist YouTube, if he falls they all fall

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"It’s all about color. It’s about people deciding what you deserve. About people wanting what they don’t deserve. About whites thinking they run this world no matter what."

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We Spoke to the Alaskan Reporter Who Quit Her Job on Live TV to Run a Weed Dispensary
Last night, after hosting a segment on the effort to legalize weed in Alaska, local KTVA news anchor Charlo Greene quit her job in true “fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool” fashion. Charlo went off script and told her Alaskan audience, on live TV, that she owned Alaska’s only cannabis club and that she would be leaving the news world behind— in order to put all her energy towards supporting the marijuana legalization movement in Alaska. Effective immediately, Charlo has begun a new life advocating for the movement by continuing to run the only weed dispensary in the home state of Sarah Palin. Before signing off, she also added: “Fuck it, I quit.”
Unsurprisingly, the mix of weed, unexpected swearing on live local news, and the thrill of someone quitting their job scorched earth style, resulted in Charlo’s final news broadcast going viral. So, we caught up with her earlier today to talk about her decision to bail on the glamourous life of local news reporting, her cannabis club, and the legalization movement in Alaska.
VICE: So when did you start the cannabis club?Charlo Greene: We purchased a business license on 4/20/2014!
How’s the business been going?It’s been going great! Well enough for me to feel comfortable in walking away from a career that I’ve spent all my adulthood building.
Why did you decide to quit in such an extravagant fashion?[Laughs] To draw attention to the issue. You, as a journalist, know that all of us are replaceable. The people aren’t really going to miss you, or me, or any random reporter for the most part. So why not just use the position I was put in to make sure that my next chapter is just wide open for me?
What was the aftermath like in the studio?Thank goodness it was on a Sunday night when most of the people were in the downstairs studio. I was doing my live hit in the upstairs one, so I didn’t see anything happening in the actual newsroom itself, but there were a couple of higher ups that were on my floor that were kinda freaking out—a little panicked. The phones were ringing off the hook, and I was escorted out. That was it.
And there’s been no fallout since?The station took down my bio and all that stuff, but no one has been in touch with me.

this was so damn epic. blew my mind.

Black Dentist In All-White Practice Forced To Resign Over Ferguson Posts



Black Dentist In All-White Practice Forced To Resign Over Ferguson Posts

Will those stellar free-speech advocates on the right stand up for Dr. Misee Harris, or will they remain silent?

Dr. Misee Harris, who also was the Black Bachelorette, just found herself in an impossible situation after posting support for Ferguson and Mike Brown’s family on her private Facebook page. Dr. Harris was given a choice to resign or shut up. Here’s the story:

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